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In the changing times of technology where we are surrounded by digital world; many new challenges have arisen, posing many unanswered questions. We are here for your help to give you concise and clear solutions to not only cyber legal challenges but to all types of laws. We as lawyers are constantly trying our level best to provide you solutions to problems ranging from matrimonial laws to cyber laws.


Our team comprises of lawyers, researchers and writers aiming towards providing best articles to make you aware of the present laws and scenario.


We believe that technology is making our lives simple; thereby we are trying our level best to invent ideas through which technology becomes available to every citizen and we are finding ways and means which make technology cheaper.




Flying laws is directed towards-


· Making litigation simple


· Spreading awareness about technological issues and laws


· Inventing ways and means to make technology cheaper


Who Is Behind The Idea ?

Rameez Siddiqui

Rameez Siddiqui

A lawyer dealing in varying kinds of cases who believes that the clients should be given the best possible advice. He believes that precedents are the best reliability for getting to a logical solution of problems and keeps updated with the current judgements of higher courts.. He makes it a point to be clear on his advice and simplifies the procedure for the clients.